Mobile Hot Shop

Our mobile hotshop is now up and running. A very nice setup compared to most mobile studios. All of the equipment and work is done on the surface of the trailer so there is no need for additional ground setup or cover. The workspace is appx. 14′ x 22′. We have a 125lb crucible furnace, a 14″ glory hole and our annealer is large enough to handle any work that might be completed in a day. The entire setup is run on propane and only requires a 115 outlet for electricity. We offer special rates to educational facilities and will work with any glass studio in Arizona. For quotations and more information please contact us either through email or at the gallery.

Circle 6 Studios

Phone: 602-454-9342
Fax: 602-426-0102

Class/Studio Location

2040 E. Thomas Rd.
Phoenix, AZ 86016
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Please use the park area on the north side of the shopping center behind the Dollar Tree store. Our entrance is located on the north side of the building, behind the Dollar Tree store.

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